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The house at the top of the mountains - a comfortable refuge in the wilderness


Although some people avoid winter, for many of them, a breath of frosty air means the beginning of real fun. When the days are shorter and there is hardly any sun during the day, they choose to escape abroad. Preferably they go to the mountains, where the only thing they need to fulfill happiness, apart from snowy slopes, is a luxurious property, ensuring a comfortable stay on the high level.


Several thousand meters above sea level, you still can find a truly exclusive seat, which offers not only a comfortable bed, a well-equipped kitchen and a fireplace. In most prestigious mountain real estate in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria or Eastern Europe it is a standard to have sauna, jacuzzi, and even swimming pool allowing body to regenerate after tiring winter madness.


But the residence situated in an attractive ski resort is not only a seasonal whim. In the warmer season, a "holiday ski house" changes into the starting point for hiking, climbing, cycling or fishing. No matter what time of the year it is, location in the mountainous landscape will make all people’s, who are looking for great views and clean air, dreams come true.

According to the experts from Poland Sotheby's International Realty, the price for real estate is dependable not only on the surface and equipment of the building. The most expensive properties are surrounded by extensive grounds, effectively protecting the privacy of their owners. The close distance to the ski slopes and airports is also pricey. Short weekend trips to ski are more attractive, if transport takes no more time than fun in the snow. Good communication is especially significant, when the property is devoted to be for rent.


With the option of renting or not, mountain real estate is a profitable investment today. According to the report of Prime Property Index Ski prepared by Knight Frank company, the average value of luxurious ski homes located in 20 of the most reputable centers, is growing. In Europe, the highest prices reach fabulous villas situated in Switzerland and France as well as Italy - from a few to several dozen of millions of dollars.



- Jerzy Węglarz, Poland Sotheby's International Realty