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Seaside luxury not only for holiday


Sky, water and the house between them - an oasis of relaxation, a place for meetings, an enclave for the creative work. In the West, having a prestigious apartment or a house by the sea is not only a sign of luxury, but also a part of lifestyle, which is gaining on popularity in Poland, as well.

Greece - Mykonos

Just a few hours – it is the time needed to calm down and breathe in on one of Europe's beaches. More and more advanced flight connections and road networks are changing the nature of the coastal locations. They are not only holiday’s havens, but also places for short and frequent escapes from everyday life to fully enjoy family life, meetings with friends, guaranteeing tranquility and peace of mind needed to work.

Nowadays, there are more and more people caring about the appropriate level of life, who dream about their own ​​asylum by the sea. According to the report of Sotheby's International Realty, almost half of searches on luxury real estate market concern properties situated on the coast.

Spain - Costa Brava

The seaside property is not only a solution for sun and water sports lovers. The unique composition of scents, sounds, light and air traffic will satisfy anyone who is looking for vicinity to the nature while maintaining the quality of life. Taking it into account, the season lasts here all year round. And not just in Greece, Croatia, France and Spain. White beaches, picturesque dunes and distinctive smell of the sea breeze also attract buyers to the Baltic Sea, where the number of luxurious properties is slowly increasing.

Similarly to the West, these properties function not only as holiday homes, but also investments that will not disappear overnight. While the absence of owners, they may be a source of potential incomes from rent.

Poland - Gdynia

Among others, these are the reasons why successful people choose the property or an apartment in one of the seaside resorts. In addition, they need to provide themselves and their loved ones the high quality of holiday and also want to protect the family’s finances.

- Jerzy Węglarz, Poland Sotheby's International Realty