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Luxury knows no bounds


Times are changing. Today, traveling connoisseurs of life, including the Poles, instead of hotel rooms, prefer their own walls of their estates and apartments situated in different places in the world.

- At present, owing a second home abroad is not a luxurious fad, but a part of a lifestyle - convince specialists from Poland Sotheby's International Realty. No matter, if the property will be used several months of the year, as the base for a few days business trips, weekend getaways, or holiday residence - foreign property says a lot about their owners.

People who invest in small, exclusive apartments in the capitals in the world, in their everyday life operate in several time zones. Thanks to their own bathroom and dressing room, even on the other side of the world, they can still feel like at home. Metropolitan bed-sitter simplify them comfortable relocation not having to carry unnecessary baggage.

Convenient base in the mountains, the villa with its own marina, or a chalet located on the beach are ideal for sports and active leisure. While deciding on investments abroad take into account, in particular, the ease of access to this place and space, which allows them to store the necessary equipment.

Holiday residence is usually the most beautiful, airy building surrounded by a picturesque landscape. It is spacious enough to be able to accommodate many guests during the season. Its location is not accidental. The owners choose such places to be able to soak up the smells and flavors of the region, enjoy the charm of the area, and function similarly to other inhabitants.

Not only celebrities are looking for their own place in the world. Houses and apartments are bought on the foreign markets by all those, for whom it is important  not only to have an accessible area, but it also means a sense of luxury. And this is more often available for a lower price than its prestigious counterparts in Poland. According to the Global Property Guide properties in Egypt, Thailand, Montenegro, and even Brussels are now within Polish portfolio.

- Jerzy Węglarz, Poland Sotheby's International Realty